If you are interested in applying for a place for your child at Inwoods, please complete the online Application Form:

We will then arrange a meeting to talk through the application. After the meeting, if you wish to proceed with the application, a time will then be agreed for your child to attend at least one trial day. We recommend no more than three trial days, but the trial may extend up to a week if required. At the end of the trial period we will meet with you to discuss whether we can offer your child a place. If you decide to enrol your child, you will be asked to read and sign the agreement regarding fee terms and the parent contract; a refundable deposit is payable to secure a place.

There is an Application and Trial Day Fee of £70 (which includes the first trial day) and a further charge of £35 per trial day per child which should be paid prior to the end of the trial period, and is payable to Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Limited.

Fees and Bursaries

Please click on the button below to view the fees schedule for 2021-22 and 2022-23:

Our aim is to embrace families from a wide range of income backgrounds, who are seriously interested in the ethos of the school and the shared responsibility of their child’s education. If you feel that Inwoods would be the right place for your child but you are unable to meet the fees, it is always worth talking to us. Preference for bursaries is given to returning children; first year students are only given bursaries under exceptional circumstances and no full bursaries are granted. Bursaries are only granted for one academic year at a time, but where the criteria for assistance are continuing to be met and funding is available, the Bursary Committee endeavours to continue to provide assistance from year-to-year.
Our Bursary Policy provides a detailed explanation of our criteria for awarding funds and also the deadline dates for submitting an application. Please note that we do not issue the Bursary Application Pack until the student has accepted a place to enrol.

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