Inwoods Small School

On the log by the sandpit - 1Situated on a beautiful property surrounded by trees, Inwoods Small School, operating as a local day school for children aged five to eleven years, is a ten minute walk from Brockwood Park School and is governed by the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust. Inwoods has a maximum roll of 45 children, and as a small school, seeks to provide an environment that nurtures sensitivity and encourages inquiring and attentive minds. Education at Inwoods means far more than the mere acquisition of knowledge and learning and is viewed as a shared process whereby both teacher and child discover together. The intention is to nurture creativity, encourage questioning, and keep alive enthusiasm for academics as well as non-academic activities.

Time is provided for many activities that are not normally included in schools. Inwoods values activities that are hands-on and those that bring about closeness with nature. Competition and comparison are discouraged; children are not subjected to standardised tests. When conflicts arise, they are discussed openly and sensitively together, without resorting to a system of reward and punishment. The aim at Inwoods is to create a space where a child can flower and his or her intelligence can be awakened.

Together with the children we work to help them understand themselves, while keeping alive the quality of play and the spirit of wonder.