Thank you for your interest in Inwoods Small School.

We are currently in the process of rebuilding the school website, but here is a brief summary of the intentions of Inwoods, as well an overview of how the school is currently structured.


Inwoods is based on the philosophy of education as explored by Krishnamurti. There is a focus on offering an education that is not based on rewards and punishment, or goal orientated, but is creative, exploratory and which encourages a sense of inquiry and investigation. There is an opportunity to connect on a daily basis with nature, with one day of the week being based outdoors. Inwoods approach to teaching is inclusive of a range of methods, so this means different teaching techniques will be practised in the classroom. The class teachers also have a clear awareness of what is offered in the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1. The subjects will be presented in a personalised and challenging way for the children. The class is currently taught in a small mixed age class from 5-7, with two trained teachers in the classroom. We are looking to expand to a second class next year, which will offer a learning environment for lower Key Stage 2.


If you would like to visit the school or you have any further questions please contact me at

Kate Power — School Coordinator

Inwoods Small School Bramdean Alresford Hampshire SO24 0LQ United Kingdom +44 1962 771 744