Meet Our Staff


Mary-Ann Ridgway

Head Teacher/Coordinator

Mary-Ann has been involved in Inwoods since its early beginnings in 1998. Having attended a few pilot group meetings with her eldest son (then only a few months old) she moved to the Brockwood area very excited to be part of a growing alternative educational project for young children supported by the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust. She has had the functional role of ‘Head Teacher’ for the past sixteen years, which includes ensuring everybody working at Inwoods sustains a deep, shared sense of responsibility for the place and each individual child.

Mary-Ann was a student at Brockwood Park from 1984 to 1989 having attended the gatherings at Brockwood with her parents and siblings for a number of years. She feels privileged to have had a few interactions with Krishnamurti in which she was touched by his unique affectionate presence. This, the teachings, and her enriching experiences at Brockwood have formed the key principles for her work at Inwoods Small School.


Mariamah Mount

SENCO, Teacher

Mariamah was born in the US and spent much of her life in areas of great natural beauty and diverse nature. She has lived and worked in different parts of the world and the love of nature and travel has deeply informed her interests in and connection with education. She attended the progressive Evergreen State College in Washington, where an integrative approach, global perspective and respect for the world are basic attitudes reflected upon and learned. There she finished a BA in English and Fine Arts and also discovered the work of Krishnamurti. She has settled in the UK with her husband and four children and began teaching at Inwoods in 2009.

As SENDCO, Mariamah endeavours to have a wide sense of all of Inwoods and thus takes weekly time in every classroom to observe, offer Enquiry, and work with certain pupils. In tutoring, she uses the Davis Program to help children with many areas of difficulty and resource. She loves to help people learn to write creatively, work topically, garden cooperatively and make art and pottery. She delights in the close relationships with the children at Inwoods; the family feeling of Inwoods is more than a metaphor for Mariamah as two of her children attended Inwoods. She offers regular parenting groups, using the structure of Hand in Hand as well as other experiences and perspectives.

Evelyn for website

Evelyn Mackintosh


A qualified Montessori and Primary School teacher, Evelyn joined the team at Inwoods Small School in 2012. She has a degree in Creative Writing, and has been working in education for several years in primary schools and Montessori nurseries. She started off working with children in their homes, alongside their parents as a nanny.  These experiences  have allowed her to develop her own style and approach to teaching, with a willingness to include a plethora of alternative approaches to her teaching and learning. Evelyn in especially interested in observing how children learn through play and learning through real-life situations.

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Matt Best

Matt started his journey into education through a mainstream route, studying at The University of Winchester, spending time in schools across Hampshire. In his third year of study, he spent three months teaching in Barcelona, where he experienced a more relaxed, child-centred approach to education, which began his journey towards a more alternative approach to education. However, Matt was unaware that alternative schools such as Inwoods existed. In his Masters year, he came to Inwoods for his placement thanks to a partnership between Inwoods and Winchester University which helped him to progress to a full-time teaching role at Inwoods. Matt has a passion for Music and Science, as well as an interest in Woodwork and Mechanics, all of which he endeavours to bring into the classroom whenever possible.

Jez Quinton

Part-Time Teacher

Coming from the south of England Jez chose Scotland as the venue for a first degree in languages and social sciences, before moving abroad to Spain for most of his adult life. It was through teaching English there that a calling to education was discovered, hence the decision to train at the Institute of Education with a PGCE Primary and modern languages specialization. Work in primary schools in London, the south of England and running a language school in Spain had led up to this wonderful chance to learn and teach with the children and adults at Inwoods.

Heather - 1

Heather Baseley

Part-Time Teacher

Heather has been clear about her interest to work with children for sometime, having enjoyed that sense of responsibility that came with looking after siblings and younger members of her family. 

Whilst completing her BA (Hons) Education at Roehampton University, she discovered alternative education styles but felt they were out of her reach, assuming that the only way into teaching was to do the standard mainstream training. She went on to get a SEN TA position at Holland Park School in London for a year, then returned to Portsmouth and was a SEN TA at The Petersfield School before beginning a Primary PGCE at Chichester University. She taught for 6 years in mainstream settings but never truly felt comfortable with the pressure and speed of teaching and learning that was imposed. She attended a weekly meditation class and that’s how she came to discover Inwoods’ existence.  

Finally, after volunteering at Inwoods on and off for about a year, Heather was offered the chance to join the staff team. She works mainly with the 6 to 8 year olds, in particular exploring the Montessori Maths materials with them, and enjoys offering craft and sewing activities for the older ones, as well as teaching songs to everyone.

When Heather is not at Inwoods she supply teaches in Portsmouth schools, carefully bringing in some of Inwoods’ ethos into the mainstream setting and enjoying seeing how much more the children appreciate being more fully listened to and how her manner is calmer and less rushed as a result.

Yasmin Page

Yasmin Page

Part-Time Teacher

Yasmin was born in Sweden and moved to the UK in 2010 after travelling in India, Central and South America. She has a degree of Master of Education from Uppsala Universty specialising in in History and English. She has experience and taught in Swedish, international and UK schools, and prior to joining Inwoods worked as a learning support teacher and as a specialist one-to-one teacher for EAL and for children with additional needs.

Art and creativity, together with nature, are some of the most inspiring parts of the learning journey according to Yasmin.

She is very happy to be a part of the Inwoods community, to deepen her understanding of education and the teachings of Krishnamurti.

Emma Sumpster - 1

Emma Sumpster

Admin Assistant & Recruitment Officer

Having stumbled upon Inwoods many years ago at the South Downs Green Fair and spoken with Mary-Ann, I began a fairly gentle journey towards challenging my conditioned ideas of what “right education” is. A few years later when our youngest daughter had been experiencing intense difficulties in a mainstream school, we realised that the time had come to embrace and actualise whole child eduction and unhurried learning where compassion and emotional wellbeing are prioritised. Within six months of being welcomed by the Inwoods community, a part time vacancy opened up in the school office so, (with a bit of a nudge!) I applied and became Admin and Recruitment officer in January 2018. Previously, I had owned a dog walking business and prior to that I had worked as a Doula – I’m always ready for a new challenge and change of direction! In my more distant past I worked in HR and as a PA, so these skills have been supportive in my now full time role at Inwoods. I love working alongside the team of caring and dedicated teachers here, – with the added bonus of being part of the parent cohort and watching my daughter grow.


Joe Summerfield

Part-Time Cook and Guitar Teacher

Joe has three great passions: music, natural health, and creating a better experience for and with young people. He first visited Inwoods in 2012 and the approach of the school resonated deeply with him. He began teaching the guitar at Inwoods in 2014. Now in 2016, he also cooks at Inwoods.

Having taken up the guitar at an early age, Joe began gigging at the age of 14, and has performed, written, and recorded ever since. He has been teaching the guitar since 2004 – privately, in schools, and also assesses degree level applicants for the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM).

Joe has a life-long interest in food, movement, and wellbeing. He has worked in this field since 2008, establishing his own consultancy in 2015. His work as a nutritionist and lover of food lead him in to healthy catering for families and wellness events. The cooking he loves makes use of fresh seasonal ingredients and lots of herbs and spices. He is an advocate of the power that the right foods have to nourish us physically, emotionally, and socially. He considers it a great privilege to be cooking for the students at Inwoods.