Working at Inwoods Small School requires that you have a serious interest in Krishnamurti’s teaching and a commitment to working with others in a spirit of inquiry and co-operation. Working at Inwoods Small School as a residential staff member in any capacity, is more than a job opportunity; it is a lifestyle. All staff have other duties apart from their actual job and need to be aware of these demands. Regardless of function, all residential staff members at Brockwood receive the same monthly salary plus food, health care, and accommodation. Non-residential salaries depend on the needs of individuals and aim to cover external costs of living.

NOTE: We need to make sure that non-EU passport holders are entitled to work in the UK. It is not always easy to get a visa and we are usually only able to recruit people who live outside the EU for jobs listed on the shortage occupation list as supplied by the UK Borders Agency. One exception to this is if the job and qualifications required for it are above graduate level.

There are currently no positions available but we are always interested to hear from teachers and TA’s for future positions, so please feel welcome to get in touch by contacting us on