socialLearning to cooperate during group activities, resolve conflicts and accept differences are all skills we value at Inwoods. When conflicts arise during playtime or lesson time we attempt to address them immediately and sensitively by allowing both sides to be heard using non-aggressive language. We encourage children to put themselves in the ‘shoes’ of others and to recognise their own mistakes.

Inwoods doesn’t consider itself a ‘free-school’ or ‘democratic’ school; however we help the children to take responsibility not just for their own learning, but for the atmosphere of the whole school.

Punishment and reward are increasingly shown to be ineffective in the long term and often have results different from those intended. Children at Inwoods are not punished for inappropriate behaviour but are, often with the help of an adult, given the space to reflect and make suggestions for right action in the future. In some cases of recurrent issues, stronger guidelines may be agreed upon, and consequences put in place, in a transparent and consensual manner.

Ongoing feedback between parents and teachers regarding social/emotional issues is considered important. Monthly Parent Meetings occur on weekends, with all the staff. These are important links between home and school, and help create the culture of Inwoods.