relationship1Great emphasis is placed on creating an atmosphere at Inwoods in which children can retain/develop a positive attitude to learning. Bearing this in mind, the curriculum is meant to engage children, but not to entertain them. Children are expected to participate in the activities offered and to respect the teachers but also feel safe to question and express how they feel about what they have chosen to do or have been requested to do. Children are also encouraged to become self-directed in their learning, though they are not always left to their own devices without guidance. At Inwoods we feel that children don’t gain confidence by being praised for their attributes, but instead by tackling obstacles and overcoming them.

Aside from having sessions wherein reading, writing, literacy and other topics are offered or encouraged, they are also provided with opportunities to choose topics of study, pursue individual projects and link school work to home life. Our aim is to create a spirit of enquiry and enthusiasm for learning. This is supported by helping the children to develop their academic competence within the whole context of their social, emotional and motor development; and this within the particular setting of a natural and largely open-air environment. Learning is seen as a continuous, natural, and indeed inevitable process. Our aim is to provide a friendly, family-like atmosphere in which adults and children of varying ages work, talk, make, think, cook, eat, sing, garden, take risks, meet challenges and play together