The Role of Parents

Parents-MeetingParents have generally chosen Inwoods for their child because they are interested in the intentions and educational approach of the School and this may include a familiarity with Krishnamurti’s teachings. The latter is not a prerequisite, but we encourage prospective parents to read some of Krishnamurti’s teachings so as to better understand the philosophical underpinnings of the School and to ensure they feel comfortable with what the School is offering.

Education is a two way process of discovery in which we learn together with the children. We greatly value communication between home and school and try to facilitate that link. We realise that we are in a partnership with parents in the education of a child and that a good relationship among parents, teachers and children is of importance. We attempt to establish a link between the home and the school and have an open and honest channel of communication between parents and teachers.

Inwoods-ParentsParents also play an integral part in the healthy development, continuity and stability of the school. When you choose Inwoods Small School for your child/ren, you are choosing a school where you are expected to contribute to the well-being of the whole educational community. During the year you will be asked to volunteer your skills in areas such as organising events, participating in fund-raising initiatives, and joining work parties to take care of the grounds. These activities are essential to the feel of the school, and to our ability to keep costs low.

Inwoods Small School requires that parents and teachers feel a deep responsibility to create the right environment for the child, which is free from fear, comparison, and ambition, and where we, as adults, are also learning and challenging ourselves.


Right education is a mutual task

“If the teacher takes a real interest in the child as an individual, the parents will have confidence in him. In this process, the teacher is educating the parents as well as himself, while learning from them in return. Right education is a mutual task demanding patience, consideration and affection. Enlightened teachers in an enlightened community could work out this problem of how to bring up children, and experiments along these lines should be made on a small scale by interested teachers and thoughtful parents.”

J.Krishnamurti, Education and significance of life