Big Barn OC - 1All three spaces have an Open Classroom element at least 3 days a week. The Open Classroom is equipped with ‘stations’ with materials for maths, literacy, reading, art, craft, science, our world, and imaginative play. The children are offered a ‘3-hour work cycle’. During this period they are encouraged and often guided to choose and complete work and play that is appropriate to them.

The intentions of the Open Classroom:

● A rich environment, full of a large variety of materials that cater to many different intelligences, learning styles and topics.

● A learning environment where children experience a sense of freedom to work according to their own level, interest and pace.

● An opportunity for children to experience the joy of learning by providing various activities and materials that inspire them to explore.

● Where a child can grow with a sense of responsibility for his actions and his learning process by providing an opportunity to plan his own educational schedule and reflect on the learning and activities that occurred each day.

● Children working together with children of different ages where there is no comparison and where relationships can grow, sometimes through challenges, to be friendly, helpful and constructive.

● A place where children can observe and learn about their own difficulties and aptitudes, and are supported in understanding their relationship with various topics, skills, attitudes, behaviours and habits.

● A setup that enables teachers to cater and create materials for individual and groups of children that are tailored to their learning styles and needs.

● An open setting for various relationships to develop between participants (students and staff).