Movement Circle - 1Aside from the many opportunities for natural movement and play in our long breaks, guided movement happens in the morning circle 4 mornings a week. The movement is usually inspired by yoga, Qi Gong, Pilates and other fitness techniques, as well as being inspired by the children themselves.

We also have a singing assembly at least once a week of the whole school together, and another assembly within which students speak about a topic of their choice. As and when it can fit into the afternoon schedule, a local village hall is hired out for movement and dance sessions.

Many children take guitar or percussion at school in private tuition, and there are opportunities for casual playing of instruments, especially amongst the Oaks.

During most terms, the children will be involved in drama games, role-play, miming, body percussion and/or singing. Teachers allow for individual styles and in drama encourage children to act out their own stories. In many sessions, improvisation is explored and emotional and social topics delved into. At least once a year, the children prepare for a performance of some kind, usually in their class or session groups, to be performed at one of our seasonal celebrations.