multi1Each class-group has many opportunities for multidisciplinary work. Aside from many spontaneous investigations Personal Projects are a great way for children to spend time researching and presenting their findings on any interest.

Topics, which can be initiated by teachers or stem from a personal project of a child, allow for many activities across the disciplines, often touching upon the humanities, geography, science, maths, literacy and the arts. They can offer opportunities for the children to work together, as well as to focus on particular individual interests. Both personal projects and group topics often determine many of the outings, guest workshop leaders, and even performances.

For the 9-11 year olds, there is a wide variety of topics in our rotation. Alongside the Ecology topic, botany is taught. In the ‘Why am I Me?’ topic, cell structure, DNA and genetics are explored in detail. In the ‘Green History of the World’, natural forces are explored such as suction, gravity, dissolution, and the story of evolution is delineated. In the topic of ‘Water’, many scientific themes relating to water as a vehicle for energy and substances and in need of testing and purification, are examined, as well as methods of measurement; biology is also delved into in the form of research about particular sea creatures. In the topic of ‘ Food’, metabolism and chemistry are touched upon. The Solar System offers an in depth look into gravity, orbit, seasons, time and a look into elements. Personal Projects stem from within the above topics.