Beginnings of a Space for Children

After much hard work amongst friends and colleagues, in the autumn of 1996 the Space for Children, what is now called the Small Barn, was opened with a special barbecue supper, a bonfire and celebration to mark the occasion. Originally intended as a meeting place and resource centre for Brockwood children and their families, the Space for Children quickly attracted local interest and soon the numbers grew.

At first all of the children were pre-school age and there was no intention to provide full-time care or schooling. Each year it was unclear whether Inwoods would be able to grow with the children. It was only the continuing commitment and support of certain families, friends, teachers, and the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, that enabled the Big Barn to be completely renovated, the Oak House to be built, the necessary staff to be employed and the Space for Children to mature into what we now know as Inwoods Small School.