A Typical Day at Inwoods

Because of its small size and flexible approach, Inwoods has the possibility to step out of routine and vary the daily programme with workshops, walks, presentations and the children’s initiatives, but here is a typical structure for a child’s day:

8.45 am Meet at Brockwood Park School for the ‘Walking Bus’ to Inwoods.

9.15 am Quiet circle or ‘sit-spots’ (usually outside).

9.25 am Morning Circle for the whole school which includes some gentle movement together and announcements about the day, or singing.

9.40 am Open Classrooms where child-initiated activities and teacher-led provision may include: literacy, maths, science, history, art, craft, cooking, construction, projects & explorations. Children are given considerable freedom to move between the indoor and outdoor spaces. On one morning a week children are engaged in nature related sessions, predominantly outdoors.

12.30/12.45/1.00 pm Staggered Lunch: vegetarian and prepared by the school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Children bring a vegetarian packed lunch on Mondays and Thursdays

1.00 pm Break Time & Post-Lunch Rota: one day a week different groups of children participate in washing the dishes and cleaning the dining area.

2.00 pm Circle to choose afternoon options.

2.10 pm Classes/Workshops: Solo Time/Study Time (a quiet period where children choose an activity to do alone); physical culture; art & craft; drama.

3.30 pm End of Day