Fridays at Inwoods

On Fridays, Inwoods welcomes children who are home-educating to come and join the small school’s activities for the day.

At 8.55am a ‘walking bus’ takes the children from Brockwood Park School car park to Inwoods, along fields and lanes and including a silent walk.

Following a morning circle that includes movement/awareness exercises, announcements are given.

Then the children are divided into 3 age groups: 5 to 7; 7 to 9; and 9 to 11. For the 5 to 7 year olds, the morning may include nature exploration, outdoor games, play, classroom investigations and project work. The 7 to 9 year olds join the Open Classroom which offers a variety of resources for learning, as well as time for play and outdoor explorations. The oldest group of children work in the Open Classroom space doing maths, creative writing, bookmaking, and cooking.

The afternoons consist of workshops for the children to choose from which vary from week to week as we like to include the input of parents, professionals and guest teachers.

Here are some examples of the workshops we have offered or plan to offer: folk dancing, storytelling, poetry, gardening, willow weaving, book binding, tai chi, bones and the body, miniature gardens, percussion, singing, painting, outdoor games.

We provide a vegetarian lunch and the day ends at 3.30pm.