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Why Inwoods is not a school (in the traditional sense)

by Inwoods Small School

Why Inwoods is not a ‘School’ (in the traditional sense) 1. We don’t push the children on a trajectory of learning that complies with government standards; And therefore… 2. We don’t follow the National Curriculum yearly targets; And because of this… 3. We don’t penalise parents for taking time off for their child to travel, […]

Emotional Treasures

by Inwoods Small School

There is so much going on in school in the classrooms and playgrounds beyond the visible mechanics, structures and actions. The children are learning what their emotions are, how to express their ideas and needs, to manifest their purpose, to have time alone and with others and to look after themselves, each other and the […]

Educating the Educator

by Inwoods Small School

Four of the staff of Inwoods Small School wanted to experience different learning environments and set off to visit several in India. Here they share their adventure with us and list ten of the many lessons they learned. Educating the Educator