Inwoods welcomes children to begin their journey with us on a part-time basis and to move towards full-time attendance as they become older and ready for the full range of activities in the week. However to make it financially viable for the small school and to allow for optimum integration, we ask parents to respect the following attendance policy:

1 Parents of children who have opted to home educate but wish to have some participation at Inwoods to enroll their child on Fridays only

2. Children under the age of 7 to attend a minimum of 3 days

3. Children of 7 and up to attend a minimum of 4 days (3 days is possible but 4 days will be charged)

4. Children of 9 and up to attend full-time (4 days is possible but 5 days will be charged)

5. Half day attendance is possible but a full day’s fee will be charged