Formative rather than summative assessment is emphasised at Inwoods. The withdrawal from the National Curriculum targets and it’s itinerant tests and exams is deliberate. We feel children do not benefit from these exams and comparisons. Instead, we rely on communication with the children, amongst the staff and between staff and parents to inform decisions about how the child is doing and what, if any, special considerations need to be made in their learning programs.

Teachers come together before the start of each term to share ideas for activities, discuss cross-curricular possibilities and plan directional themes for the coming term. Any important changes to the school/curriculum and outlines are announced at the beginning of each term in either a curriculum meeting or via the Weekly (a letter sent out to all the families of Inwoods).

Parents have the opportunity to raise questions and concerns and are invited to offer suggestions and donate some of their time and expertise. Topic Plans are designed by the teachers and added to the Inwoods Journals. This is an online platform where teachers can communicate to parents anecdotes, reflections and factual accounts of group and individual learning and happenings at Inwoods, and parents can respond. Evaluations of lessons include notes of the individual children’s responses, and on how to reinforce or extend the skills learned. A progress report is written on each child and a copy is handed to parents near the end of the last term or posted on the Inwoods Journals.

Throughout the year teachers meet with parents to discuss all areas of their child’s development.