Pottery creations - 1Drawing and painting are encouraged in all areas of the curriculum, right down to labels of hooks, cubbies and workbooks as well as illustrations in personal notebooks and projects. Mandalas and drawing are favourite activities for breaks in the Open Classroom or during our Solo Time sessions.

Various styles of art and craft are explored in-depth: wet-on-wet painting, detailed crayon illustration, nature sketching, bookbinding, sewing, watercolour, ink, wax modelling, woodwork, junk modelling and nature crafts. Once a part of the oldest group children have the use of the Pottery Studio learning about ceramics and getting to do both hand- and wheel-work.

Other opportunities are given throughout the year such as: photography, felt-making, withy work, origami, lantern making, seasonal crafts, puppet-making, gift-making, glass-painting, etc. The Play of Painting, which is offered once a week for each child, is an introspective time using paint along the lines of the practice devised by Arno Stern. In the Painting Studio, the children and staff explore the formulations that inform our markings and drawings, in a teacher-less, calm space without judgement or comment. It isn’t just a time to make art, but for the inner nature to be expressed and heard.